Our Outdoor Boxing Classes will increase your fitness with a combination of cardio and strength exercises using basic boxing technique to gain optimum results. A great way to tone the arms, build core strength and get rid of some frustration, our boxing classes are designed to make you sweat and can include a variety of circuit training activities.

All equipment is provided and all participants are given a brand new pair of boxing inner gloves to maintain hygiene. Please remember to bring these inners with you to every session. Some Individuals prefer to use their own gloves and/or wear wrist straps.

Please Note: No one gets hit and we do not spar in this class. This class is all about getting a great fitness workout and having fun!

Class Information

Cost: $15 per class
Bring: Water bottle, towel and your boxing inners if we have given you a pair

How to Book a Class

To attend a class you must book in 24 hours in advance. Contact 0418 653 993.

So that we have enough equipment for all class participants, we require you to inform us if you intend on attending a session. To do this, please contact us on 0418 653 993.

Class Timetable - Effective as of September 8th 2014

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday






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