Circuit Training is suitable for a range of fitness levels and is an exciting way to train as it provides exercise variety. Circuit Training is ideal for weight loss, improved body tone, endurance and general fitness.

Circuit Training classes are designed in a structured approach to give full-body workout, ensuring the best results in all the key muscle groups. Circuit Training consists of intense aerobic and resistance training techniques aimed at burning calories and improving muscle tone in the legs, arms and upper body.

Class Information

Cost: $15 per class
Bring: Water bottle and towel

How to Book a Class

To attend a class you must book in 24 hours in advance.

So that we have enough equipment for all class participants, we require you to inform us if you intend on attending a session. To do this, please contact us on 0418 653 993.

Class Timetable - Effective as of September 8th 2014

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday






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