Kettlebell training provides an all over body functional workout and can be undertaken by all fitness levels, whether you’re just beginning to exercise or you’re an elite athlete. Kettlebells are extremely portable and offer a wide variety of exercises to improve strength and flexibility whilst promoting fast loss.

Kettlebells are a modern take on the traditional ways of training which makes them a little more fun to use. Our classes offer a wide range of kettlebell weights to suit your training level, and all our classes enable you to go at your own pace.

Class Information

Cost: $15 per class
Bring: Water bottle and towel

How to Book a Class

To attend a class you must book in 24 hours in advance.

So that we have enough equipment for all class participants, we require you to inform us if you intend on attending a session. To do this, please contact us on 0418 653 993.

Class Timetable - Effective as of September 8th 2014

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday






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