East Coast Fitness Yoga offers a relatable and modern day approach to the ancient practice of yoga. Each 60 minunte class with Sarah is a dynamic flow class (also known as Vinyasa) that is suited to beginner and experienced yogis alike.

Why Yoga?
  • Increases your flexibility
  • Decreases your risk of injury
  • Increases your overall strength in your upper body, lower body and core
  • Assists in maintaining a healthy weight
  • Decreases back pain
  • Improves concentration and overall mental wellbeing


Expect to start with a dynamic flow to warm and heat the body, followed by static poses to strengthen and stretch the body's muscles, ligaments and joints. Every practice concludes with an extended relaxation that will de-stress/de-clutter your mind and assist in balancing your nervous system.

The REAL question is WHY aren't you incorporating yoga into your weekly routine?

Class Information

Our Power Yoga class is conducted at Terrigal Scout hall on Wednesday evening's at 6:30pm.


5 Week Pack: $75.00 ($15 per class)
5 Week Pack (for current Bootcampers): $60.00 ($12 per class)
Drop-In Session: $18.00 per class


To sign-up for our next 5 week term, or to come in for a drop-in class, please contact us to make a booking or call directly on 0418 653 993.


Class Timetable - Effective as of September 8th 2014

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday






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