Want to reach that next level in your particular sport? Whether you play football, tennis, golf, netball or any other sport, all sports participants can benefit from sports specific fitness training.

Before you commence your specific training regime, a fitness assessment will be conducted in order to identify your goals and objectives. Through your fitness assessment we will look at many facets of your current state, such as aerobic and anaerobic fitness, strength and endurance, agility, balance and flexibility. Your results will be then be tallied and compared to those at the optimal level for your particular sport so that goals can be specifically tailored and engineered to suit your needs.

By identifying the areas which need improvement, it will enable us to develop a program specifically for you to improve these areas. Your training will focus on these areas of weakness. Example: a runner may find that their program includes very little running. The areas of weakness that need work are often those that our chosen sport does not focus on.

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