Melanie Gibson, Vitality Works

Jordan is nothing short of amazing. His professionalism, communication, punctuality and all round attitude is what makes him a standout PT on the Central Coast. At the last minute Jordan provided outdoor group personal training services for a client of ours [Sanitarium] for a three week period. From the very first session, the client was wrapped with his outdoor training skills, his communication and organisation. Over the three weeks, the client loved the variety of sessions they were exposed to and the ability to adapt the session to the participants taking part. Thanks so much for all your efforts!

Lisa Herring, Wamberal NSW

I've been training with Jordan for 3 months now both privately with a girlfriend and joining in on group sessions and I can't speak highly enough of him and his training techniques. Not one training session is the same, which makes me look forward to every session. Having the ability to train outside also at such a great venue is an added bonus.

I chose Jordan initially based on his affordable prices for both group and private classes. He is also very flexible with times and days which makes it easy for a working mum with 3 kids to stay motivated and turn up every week!

He has helped me achieve my goals in a shorter time than expected and I continue to train with him as I pursue new goals.

Carly Hill, Bayview NSW

I was lucky enough to come across Jordan from East Coast Fitness and join in some of his fitness classes held on Saturdays at the haven in Terrigal. My favourite class has got to be boxing and I loved the variety of the class.

I have also had personal 1on1 training from Jordan and have got to say he is the best trainer Ive ever had.

His sessions are different each time with lots of different exercises and circuits. He is very knowledgeable and makes a point of ensuring the sessions are enjoyable.

Jordan is very motivating and supportive and helps push me to my limits and remind me that I can keep going when I just want to give up. His private sessions and group classes are very affordable for the average person and I love the fact that I can join in on his classes and train with other like-minded people.

I give Jordan a 10/10 for his dedication and his support to help me reach my fitness goals.

Melissa Wilkinson, Erina Valley NSW

Jordan is a positive and enthusiastic personal trainer. He comes prepared with lots of different gym equipment to create a fun and unique training circuit. Jordan goes the extra mile by demonstrating each exercise, critiques your technique and constantly challenging your fitness level with heavier weights and hard exercises. I have suffered with a lot of lower back pain so he has helped me strengthen by inner core and educated me on ways to support my back and improve my health.

Kearrin Sims, North Avoca NSW

I used to workout at the gym a few times a week but I quickly got bored with what I was doing. I also found that doing the same exercises week in week out was showing diminishing returns. Training outdoors with Jordy and a few other friends is a fantastic way to exercise. After a day working in front of the computer there is nothing better than getting outside in the fresh air and working up a sweat. I’m too busy to spend time doing weights and cardio training but Jordy’s workouts combine fitness and physical strength into the one intense session. He always has new exercises and routines so that staying fit never gets boring. Training with Jordy is not easy… but it is always fun!

Bree Sherwood, Saratoga NSW

When I first started working out I found it really hard to get motivated and know which exercises would be the most effective to give me the results I wanted. After speaking with Jord, he assured me that he could help! He really listened to all of my concerns and goals and created a program which was ideal for me. I have now been training with Jord for over 3 months and the results I have seen are amazing. Each session is different which keeps it interesting and he manages to motivate without intimidation (as past trainers have been). Thanks for all your help Jord and please don’t be too hard on me in future sessions!!!

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